Mission: To offer standardized and tradable bundled payment contracts (TBPC!) for healthcare. This allows self-insured corporations and healthcare providers to discover price and manage price risk in healthcare.


Value Proposition: Tradable bundled payment contracts protect against the risk of price changes when purchasing or providing healthcare, and can be used to manage the price risk in healthcare services on a competitive and transparent basis. This type of contract is known as a forward or future (hence our name) which have been around for 100 years.


Example: The tradable bundled payment contracts are simple and reflect various risks, for example: 1 coronary artery bypass graft for March delivery in Boston; or the annual claims of 100 persons 18-65 years old in the mid-atlantic region.


Buyers and Sellers: Self-insured employers/TPAs/carriers and healthcare providers, with speculators providing additional liquidity.